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Alegria Brothers

Giant Wheel Attraction (MEXICO)

alegriabros002.jpg (6971 bytes)The brothers Sabu and Francesco Alegria-Ramirez came to be the fifth generation of a famous circus-artist family from Mexico.

They conceived together an act on a rotating Giant Wheel, with which they made their debut in 1990 on a circus tour in England. Consequently the audience of Great Britain chose their attraction to be "The Artist Act of the Year". After these events the brothers had triumphant successes in Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France, New Zealand and Scandinavia.

The conditions for having an accident-free career in staggering heights are reliable equipment, a total control of balance, reciprocal confidence, precision, and much courage.

Previous appearances:

CIRCUS BENNEWEIS, Denmark (1991), JAPAN-Tour (1992), CIRQUE ARLETTE GRUSS, France (1993-94), CIRCUS KNIE, Switzerland (1995), BILLY SMART CIRCUS, England (1996), TIVOLI COPENHAGEN, Denmark (1996), DEUTSCHLANDHALLE, Berlin, Germany (1996), ROYAL THEATRE CARRÉ, Amsterdam (1996), AHOY' Rotterdam, The Netherlands (1998), AUSTRALIAN-Tour (1998-99),  CIRCUS SCOTT, Sweden (1999), CASCADE:circus Utrecht, The Netherlands (Winter 1999/2000), WORLD CHRISTMAS-CIRCUS, Stuttgart, Geramny (Winter 2001/2002).

AUSTRIAN NATIONAL-CIRCUS LOUIS KNIE (March-November 2000), ROYAL THEATRE CARRÉ Amsterdam, The Netherlands (December, 2000-January, 2001), CIRCUS KNIE (March-November 2002), CIRCUS LOUIS KNIE (March-November 2003)

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