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Circus Conelli 1999

conelli99.JPG (12447 bytes)        Program

"Conelli's best of 1999"

                                     Opening - "Grande Parade"

                       GUNVOR "Harlequin"

                   Ballet "The Little Prince"

ROMAN TOMANOV - Leather-Straps/Aerial Acrobatic

         ALEXANDER TSUKANOV - Unicycling

BOB BRAMSON - Ring-Juggling

FRITZI and GASTON - Entrée/Reprise Clowns

THE LIAZEED - Partner Equilibristic

Ballet "Bolero"

TRIO SAN-KHOSSÉ - Handvoltige Acrobatic

Ballet "America Latino"

THE DANCING GAUCHOS - Argentinean Gauchos/Folklore Dancers/Drumming and Bola Mastery

GUNVOR "Music was my first love"

Ballet "Classico"

ARTURO ALEGRIA - Tempo Juggling

FRITZI and GASTON - Entrée/Reprise Clowns

OLEG IZOSSIMOV - Handstand Equilibristic

THE BEIJING GIRLS - Diabolo-Juggling

SHMARLOVSKY - Illusionist with Animals/Comedy

DUO MANDUCAS - Partner Equilibristic/Comedy


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