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The Diorios

"Globe of Death" Attraction


    Probably the best and most exciting “Globe of Death” Attraction in the world!

Brazilian performer Daniel Chrystian Diorio is a daredevil. His unique “Globe of Death” Act defies all odds, combining precision riding and death defying stunts to present one of the world’s most thrilling Speciality Acts of performing arts. Hear the roar of stunt motorbikes as four riders perform various manoeuvres inside a specially designed globe – a spherical 4 meters diameter metal cage weighing 4.000 kilograms. In one of their many breathtaking sequences, the riders go each other, at speeds up to 50 miles per hour.

Daniel created his “Globe of Death” Act at 14 years of age. Joined by riders Ricardo Costa de Araujo, Luciomauro Zafalon Loureiro and Jefferson Junio Pereira da Concet. Ukrainian artiste Alina Grysgchenko, also has an important role in the Act, standing in the middle of the globe while  the high-speed motorcyclists ride around and above her head.

The Diorios have performed extensively throughout South-Africa, South-America, Japan, Australia, USA, South Korea and European countries.

They have featured in some of the most famous shows and amazed audiences around the world.

Previous appearances (2000-2008):

WEBER BROS. CIRCUS, Australia, CIRCO TIHANY, Argentina, CIRCO MEDRANO, Italy, CIRCUS ARENA, Denmark, LA GRANDE FETE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE, Lille, France, CASCADE:circus, Utrecht, The Netherlands, ROYAL PALCE MUSIC HALL, Kirrwiller, France, WORLDCHRISTMASCIRCUS Stuttgart, Germany, CONRAD JUPITERS THEATER, Gold Coast, Australia, KERSTCIRCUS AHOY’, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE, Paris, France, etc.

Award winners at the 2nd WORLD FESTIVAL OF CIRCUS ART IN MOSCOW, RUSSIA (2005)

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