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Gran Circo Mundial

circomundial001.JPG (39170 bytes)One of the leading circus-companies in Europe and "Number One" in Spain

Presents its 26th season-programs with top-class artiste-and animal attractions

Season Periods/Tours: 

Summer-Season: March-September, 2003

Touring in Spain

Autumn/Winter-Season: October, 2003 - January, 2004

Valencia and Madrid with two different shows

PROGRAM 1999/2000

circomundial002.JPG (42047 bytes)Production:

Millennium-Show " Festival International of Circus Arts"

High quality show of superlative


November 19th, 1999 - January 9th, 2000


Plaza de Toro, Madrid, Spain

JOSÉ MARIA GONZÁLEZ, Jun. & Co.                                                                     

Elephants/Exotic Animals Training , "Liberty Horses" and 

Spanish "High-School" Dressage

circomundial09.JPG (36619 bytes)     circomundialshow01.JPG (22885 bytes)        circomundial06.JPG (31584 bytes)  

RAFAEL DE CARLO                                  WILLIAM VOSS                                       TONY TONITO

Tempo Juggling                              White Tigers Taming                      Trampoline Comedy

circomundial11.JPG (31387 bytes)               circomundialshow03.JPG (42706 bytes)             circomundialshow04.JPG (34863 bytes)

THE LAZAROV TROUPE                        SHOUSTHOV BROTHERS                     LOS DANGER          

Djshighit Riding                               Partner Equilibristic                        High Wire Attraction  

circomundial05.JPG (36547 bytes)               circomundial07.JPG (32017 bytes)             circomundial10.JPG (31784 bytes) 

                 GRAN POPEY                                     THE BORZOVI TROUPE                                        

                                Reprise Clown                                 Aerial Fantasy/Attraction                    

circomundial08.JPG (32414 bytes)               circomundialshow12.JPG (22992 bytes)                    

Haute École Espagnole/Spanish "High-School" Horse Dressage

presents by José Maria González, Jun. & Co.

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