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Djshighit/Cossack Riding Act (RUSSIA)

iristons01.jpg (11544 bytes)When the djshighits jump in the most impossible positions on their running horses, it gives you the impression that the horse and its rider are one and the same.

Makharbek Taimuraz Kanoukov born in Vladikaukaz, North-Ossetia, was already introduced to horses in his childhood.

As a 13-year old he joined the famous Thuganov Family in their troupe the" IRISTONS" as a Djshigit-rider and dancer. The tradition of this troupe, lead by the Thuganovi extends over four generations. The horses originate from their own rearing.




iristons0001.JPG (6708 bytes)In 1990, after that the last member of the Thuganovi had retreated, Makharbek Kanoukov takes over the leading of the troupe and during the years he renews it with young and talented riders and dancers. At present, even both his children, son Murat and daughter Dzerassa are participating in the act.

For his exceptional artistic merits, Makharbek Taimuraz Kanoukov was awarded in 1993 "Honoured Artist of Russia".



iristons0005.JPG (4659 bytes)With great appreciation from the audience and specialists, the new formation of the troupe ended their first engagement aboard successfully, namely at KERSTCIRCUS AHOY' in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (winter 1998/99). In this summer-season they turn with CIRCUS MAXIMUM in Sweden


"LA GRANDE FÊTE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE" in Lille, France, INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL in Enschede, The Netherlands, CIRCUS KRONE Summer-Season 2000, 2001, 2002).

iristons0006.JPG (6954 bytes)





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