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Kristina Kokorina

Tempo Juggling Act (RUSSIA)

Kristina Kokorina is descended from a Russian family of artistes - her mother was a juggler and dancer and her father is a wire artiste and clown - and already in her childhood she followed with her parents on different tours both in Russia and abroad.

At the age of 4, Kristina performs for the first time in a circus ring in a clown reprise.

When she was 7, she started to juggle, at 9 she performs for the firs time alone presenting a tempo-juggling act and at the age of 11 her professional career as an artiste-juggler started.

The actual act was created with the help of her parents - her father contributed with teaching her juggling technique, idea and combinations, her mother stands for the choreography and the Russian director A. A. Ossopiv is responsible for combining the different parts of the act into a unity.

Kristina was awarded the "Silver Medal" at the International Circus Festival of "Young Circus Stars" in Verona, Italy in 1998 and at the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF BUDAPEST, Hungary in 2002 and she was an award winner of "Special Prizes" at the CIRKUSPRINSESSAN, Stockholm, Sweden (1998) and International Circus Festival OF Monte-Carlo (1999).


LOUIS KNIE'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS, Vienna, Austria (Dec-Jan. 2000/2001)

CIRCUS BENNEWEIS, Denmark (Summer-Season 2001)


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