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Kris Kremo

Gentleman Juggling Act (SWITZERLAND)

kriskremo01.JPG (3437 bytes)Kristian Gaston Kremo - Kris Kremo, Star Juggler, has proven that international juggling success can rest on just three objects. He has been welcomed in the world's finest clubs to entertain clients with the most basic number in the juggler's repertoire. He is a living example that the secret to juggling success is simple - all it takes is lightning reflexes, blond hair, great looks and perfect charm !

No one can deny that Kris Kremo enjoys some natural advantages in his chosen profession, but it is also true that he has been wise enough to use them well. He is the epitome of grace on stage with his smiling, carefree demeanour. Those who watch find him an instantly likeable personality, and also admire a level of skill that is recognised in the Guinness Book of World Records.

kriskremo02.JPG (3564 bytes)Guinness notes his quadruple pirouette and catch of three cigar boxes, and he acknowledges that props as his forte by using it as the finale of his act. But his skill with three balls, three hats and a single hat and cigar are equally captivating.

Kristian Gaston Kremo, a Swiss citizen, was born in Paris as the last edition in an internationally famous dynasty of artistes. His father, Bela Kremo, a famous juggler himself, made sure that Kris, his brother and his sister were well-trained in the family heritage, but left the ultimate career decisions to his children.

Only Kris chose to juggle, and debuted with his father in a double act in 1970. The synchronised juggling of father and son was eagerly anticipated in variety theatres throughout Europe for six years they worked together as generation mirrors of one another. When his father retired in 1975 and died four years later, Kris has been well prepared to carry the family's entertainment legacy by himself.

kriskremo003.JPG (4822 bytes)The STARDUST HOTEL in Las Vegas believed he would be perfect as the opening act for its new show in 1978. For 11 years, a longer time period than any juggler ever lasted in that fickle glitter city, Kris thrilled audiences at the STARDUST. In 1988 he received the Las Vegas Award as Best Performing Juggler.

He could be called the modern-day "Juggler Royal". He performed for the Queen of England in London, at Windsor Castle in 1974 for Prince Phillip, and for Swedish King Carl-Gustav XVI, in Stockholm. Prince Renier III and Princess Grace Kelly bestowed on him a Silver Clown in 1981 for his performance at the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO.

Though he appears loose and spontaneous on stage, the perfection of his act comes from careful attention to the reaction of the audience to every loss, every step every note of his music. He plays the audience like a conductor leads an orchestra, knowing that the complete symphony of his show includes the right combination of personal charisma, surprising tricks and good timing. From the gentle beginning with a single bowler hat to his whirring pirouettes behind cigar boxes 14 minutes later, Kris plots every more to give the audience maximum enjoyment.

Kris Kremo has done more than his ancestors could imagine to enhance the prestige of the family name. And he serves as a hero to jugglers everywhere, who view his success as the epitome of what en entertainer might dream of achieving. In 1990 he received the International Juggler's Association Award of Excellence.



kriskremobook01.JPG (5262 bytes)KRIS KREMO Starjongleur/Starjuggler by Karl-Heinz Ziethen, CIRCUS VERLAG

Swiss juggler Kris Kremo is the last descendant of a great dynasty of artistes. The gentleman among jugglers is celebrated around the world, from Las Vegas to Paris, from Frankfurt, Germany to his native Switzerland.

In this book, juggling expert Karl-Heinz Ziethen of Berlin describes eventful life of this exceptional artist. Four generation of vaudeville and circus history come to life on 120 richly illustrated pages.

Karl-Heinz Ziethen, also the author of many other books on the art of juggling, pays tribute to one of the world's great performing families and especially their last active representative, star juggler Kris Kremo.


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