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Maxim Popazov

Handstand Equilibristic (RUSSIA)

Maxim Popazov  performs an original equilibristic act using different combinations of floor and handstand acrobatic elements, excellent choreographic movements and adequate musical accompaniment.

He is the fifth generation of the well known Russian artiste family Popazoi. His parents are active artistes, and present a Partner-Equilibristic Act on rotating carrousel.

Already in his childhood, at age of 5, Maxim started to acquire the basic of floor acrobatics and hand balancing/equilibristic from his parents. His talent, ambition and patience at training impressed his family.

The actual act was performed for the very first time for an audience in 1998.

In 1999-2000 Maxim effectuates successfully a tour in Japan and the Great Britain.

Previous Appearances:

CIRCUS KRONE-BAU Munich  Germany (2000), AUSTRIAN NATIONAL CIRCUS LOUIS KNIE (Summer-Season 2001), TIGER PALAST VARIETY, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (2001), CASCADE:circus Utrecht/NL (Dec 2001), CIRCUS KNIE (Summer-Season 2003), CIRCUS BENNEWEIS (Summer-Season 2004)


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