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Duo Minasov

Quick Change Magical Dress-Transformation Act (RUSSIA)

Victor Minasov

1974 born in Moscow, Russia, he is descended from a professional circus artist family. The Dynasty members of his family started their activities in circus in 1890. His great grandfather was an artist and circus director and his father is a well-known artist and animal trainer in Russia.

1987-1990 presents together with his father a big illusion show with an animal group

1991-1993 performs together with his brother a comic eccentric acrobatic act

1993-1999 presents a bear and wolf training act together with Elena

1997-2001 appears as a reprise and entrée clown together with his brother

2000 first appearance with the actual act: “Quick Change/Magical Transformation” together with his wife Elena

Elena Minasova

1971 born in Moscow, Russia

1976-1981 School of Sports in Moscow, Russia

1988 Champion of the USSR in acrobatic gymnastics

1989 was admitted at the Russian Academy of Sports in Moscow as a student and at Soiuzgoszirk/ Russian State Circus as an artist with handstand equilibrist and comic eccentric acrobatic acts.

1993-1999 presents a bear and wolf training act together with Victor

2000 first appearance with the actual act: “Quick Change/Magical Transformation Act” together with her husband Victor

Victor Minasov

"The Balloon Man"


1997 award winners at the ALL Russian Festival of Circus Arts,Yaroslavel, Russia

2000 award winners at the International Festival of Comic Art, China


1987-2002 tours with the Russian State Circus in several countries of the Russian Federation, Japan, France and China

KERSTCIRCUS CHASSÉ, Breda, The Netherlands (Dec. 2002)

ROYAL GARDENS THEATRE, Eilat, Israel (March 2003-February 2004)

BENISSIMO SF/DRS “Live” TV-Show with Phil Collins and Anastacia (March 2004)

CIRCUS BENNEWEIS, Denmark (April-September 2004)

LA GRANDE FETE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE, Lille, France (Oct.-Nov. 2004)

HÖHNER ROCKIN' RONCALLI SHOW "SingSalaBim", Cologne, Germany (Nov. 2005)

GROOT RUSSISCH STAATSCIRCUS & FRIENDS, Den Haag, The Netherlands (Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005)

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