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Nadja Gasser

Sea Lion Training (SWITZERLAND)

Nadja Gasser  was born at her parent's circus.

As her parents Conny and Gerda Gasser in 1970 created the delphinarium Conny-Land, Nadja already as a little girl came in contact with dolphins and sea lions.

At about the age of 12, Nadja spent every minute of her spare time, with her dolphins and sea lions.


After finishing school, Nadja had the opportunity to tour together with her mother Gerda around the world, amongst others in Australia, England, Germany and Italy.

Her first solo appearance took place at Circus Atayde in Mexico-City.

In 1989, at the International Circus festival in Monte-Carlo, Nadja was awarded the "Silver Clown".

After this important event she performed at several TV-shows and at various circus programs in Europe.

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