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Narkevitch Troupe

Spring-Board Acrobatic Act


Viktor Narkevitch former elite gymnast in the Belarus National Team, started his artistic career in 1978, in Minsk, Belarus. He is now the current leader of the NARKEVITCH TROUPE.

His parents were well known sportsmen, his mother was champion in gymnastics and his father Belarus champion in boxing.

Between 1982-98 the act has been performed in several countries all over the world, for example in Japan, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

In 1998 the act was performed at the famous show "Menschen-Tiere-Sensationen" at the I.C.C. in Berlin, Germany.

In September, 1999, they participated at the IInd ALL-RUSSIAN FESTIVAL OF CIRCUS ARTS, in Saratov, Russia and were awarded the "Silver Troika" and a "Special Prize of the Ministry of Culture".

In December-January, 2000-2001 the troupe performed at LOUIS KNIE'S CHRISTMAS CIRCUS in Vienna, Austria, and GRAN CIRCO MUNDIAL in Madrid, Spain (October 2002-January 2003).





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