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Aerial/Leather Straps Acrobatic (RUSSIA)

Natalia Egorova - "Nataly" - performs an original aerial acrobatic act on leather-straps, combinations of movements of great difficulty, presented with precision, easiness and professional expression.

She is descended from a family of artistes, and already in her childhood she started to acquire the basics of floor-acrobatics, equilibristic, aerial acrobatics on the trapeze and on the vertical rope.

The actual act was conceived and taught by the mother of Nataly, who is assisting her in her engagements. The learning of the act took approximately 2 years and was performed for the first time for an audience in January 1999 at the Bolshoi Circus in Moscow.

Nataly participated with success at the International Circus Festival for Female Artists "CIRCUSPRINSESSAN" in Stockholm, Sweden in May 1999, at which she was awarded the "Silver Medal", and in December 1999, at the International Circus Festival of Enschede, the Netherlands, she received the "Silver Artist". 

She had her very first engagement in June-November 1999, touring with the famous Swedish Circus Scott. In December 2002-January 2003 she performed at CIRCUS CONELLI in Zurich, Switzerland and in December 2003 at CASCADE:circus in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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