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Pellegrini Brothers

Partner Equilibristic/Pyramid Acrobatic Act (ITALY)

pellegrini01.jpg (7581 bytes)Strength, agility, confidence, and trust are the four qualities at work in the outstanding performance of the Hand-Balancing Quartet: THE PELLEGRINI BROTHERS. Originally from the Italian Islands of Sicily and Sardinia, the four brothers: Ernaldo, Natale, Ivan and Andrea are the fourth generation of circus artistes. Their father, grandfather and great-grandfather performed acrobatic feats and trick riding on horseback. During their early years, Ernaldo and Natale, the two older brothers, learned many of the traditional circus acts from juggling to aerial work, while the two young boys concentrated on their acrobatic and tumbling skills. The four brothers combined their talent in 1983 by forming their unique and breathtaking display of hand-balancing.

After working throughout Italy in night-clubs, the PELLEGRINI BROTHERS then

From 1989-91, the PELLEGRINI BROTHERS travelled across the United States on their debut tour with "The Greatest Show on Earth", the RINGLING BROTHERS, BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS. These brothers shatter gravity to thrill and captivate everyone who beholds their show. In February, 1993, they participated in the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL of MONTE-CARLO winning the "Loews Monte-Carlo Price". Afterwards, they have been demanded by Prince Albert of Monaco to display in the Gala of "Bal de la Rose" in honor of Princess Caroline of Monaco.


CIRCUS SCOTT, Sweden, LIDO Paris, France, TIVOLI COPENHAGEN, Denmark, TIGER-PALAST VARIETY, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, SWISS NATIONAL CIRCUS KNIE, Switzerland, LA GRANDE FETE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE, Lille, France, ROYAL THEATRE CARRÉ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, WORLDCHRISTMASCIRCUS, Stuttgart, Germany, CIRCUS CONELLI, Zurich, Switzerland.

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