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The Plievs

Djshighit/Cossack Riding Act (RUSSIA)

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Djshighitriding/"Djshighitowka" is considered as one the most favorite act among the audience. The circus-ring is crowded with horses and people. Original riding sequences in a very high speed tempo are varied with energetic dancing. All these factors, together with the amazing costumes and the specific music, form the act into a sheer experience.


plievs04.JPG (6441 bytes)Elbrus Isufovich PLIEV, artiste and leader of the troupe, entered the circus-ring for the first time in 1970. His artistic career started in the djshigitriding troupe of Tamerlan Nugsarov, and immediately he proved to become a talented performer.

In 1980, he presented his own act "Horse Rodeo" performed by his troupe. This act was in the absolute premiere, at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Summer-Games of 1980 in Moscow.

plievs03.JPG (5540 bytes)In 1993, the Pliev Troupe was awarded the "Grand Prix" at the International Circus-Festival in Rome and the "Special Price of the Jury" at the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO.

Previous appearances (1991-1998):

Tours in Japan, South-America and Australia (1991-92, 1994/1996)

CIRCUS SCOTT, Sweden (1993)

KERSTCIRCUS AHOY', Rotterdam, the Netherlands (1995)

CIRCUS KRONE-Building, Germany (1997)



PFERDEPALAST (2000-2001-2002-2003)

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