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Los Quiros

High Wire Attraction (SPAIN/COLOMBIA)

Fifth-generation performers Vicente and Roberto Quiros from Madrid, Spain trace their talents through a long line of street performers, acrobats, animal trainers and clowns. They are joined by former clown and high wire hero René Ayala from Colombia.


They are the ultimate thrill team – three artists, two brothers and a partner dancing with death on a wire 12 m above the arena floor/circus ring, and doing so without any form of safety apparatus.

Despite the audience’s fear for their safety, LOS Quiros are not afraid. With a gallant shrug, troupe member Vicente Quiros says simply: - “We are very confident in what we do.” LOS Quiros practice every acrobatic skill on the floor, then the low-wire, before taking it up on high wire. Says Roberto Quiros: - “We practiced eight hours a day when we learning. - “We must have walked thousand of miles”.

So great is the troupe confidence that its presentation actually begins on the arena floor. Climbing the steeply angle guy wires without balancing poles, LOS Quiros reach the high-wire and instantly undertake a terrifying series of lightning-quick manoeuvres that leave audiences gasping for breath. Whit wild abandon, they dash the length of the wire, skip rope engage in swordplay and play leapfrog. Roberto even stand on a chair balanced by Vicente and René on bicycles.

Previous and Next Engagements:

GRAN CIRCO MUNDIAL, Madrid Spain (1978), CIRQUE ARLETTE GRUSS, France (1979), RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS, USA (1980-1992), SWISS NATIONAL CIRCUS KNIE, Switzerland (1993 and 2004), AUSTRIAN NATIONAL CIRCUS LOUIS KNIE (2003), WORLDCHRISTMASCIRCUS, Stuttgart, Germany (2001), WERELDKERSTCIRCUS - ROYAL THEATRE CARRÉ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2002), KERSTCIRCUS AHOY’ Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2003), CIRCUS BENNEWEIS, Denmark (2004-2005)




"Golden Clown"

"Prize of the City of Monaco"

"Prize of the Swiss Circus Academy"

Golden Clown” at the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF WARSAW, Poland (2004) 

 Throughout their performances, LOS Quiros demonstrate a daring unparalleled on the high wire today.

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