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Roby Gasser & Adolph

Sealion Comedy Act (SWITZERLAND)

robygasser02.jpg (7111 bytes)Roby Gasser is from a well known Swiss circus family. His parents, Conny and Gerda toured all over the world with their aerial act the "TONGAS". During the late 1960's the Gassers started the first travelling dolphin and sealion show in Europe. In the late 1970's, they established the largest dolphinarium and amusement park in Switzerland, called CONNY-LAND and CIRCUS CONELLI in Zurich. While growing up around the animals, it seemed just natural for Roby to also work with them. At the age of sixteen he started working with his sealion Adolph, which may be considered one of the most famous sealion act today. Together with his father, Roby created a sealion comedy act which is most unusual. In 1981, Roby received the Golden Clown Award from Prince Rainier of Monaco at the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO, which is the most prestigious award for an artist.

robygasser03.JPG (4452 bytes)While working in the LIDO Show in Paris, he was invited to appear at the Versailles Summit, which included Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. From Paris he moved to Las Vegas to appear in the LIDO de Paris Show at the Stardust Hotel. After fourteen months, his act moved to the show Splash at the RIVIERA Hotel in Las Vegas where he remained for the next three years. During these periods, he has done several television shows such as The Tonight Show, The Cosby Show, Disney's 25th Anniversary and Night of 100 Stars. During his stay in the United States, he received an invitation from the Queen of England to perform in the Royal Command Performance in London. Previous appearances at the famous amusement park TIVOLI COPENHAGEN in Denmark.




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