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Sharkov Brothers

Hand-in-Hand Equilibristic/Contortionist Act (ESTONIA/UKRAINE)

Dmitry Sharkov and Andriy Nikolayenko perform an original partner acrobatic act in which the usual handstand equilibristic elements are combined with unique contortionist positions and exercises of greatest difficulty level.

Dmitry is descendend from a circus artist family from Tallinn, Estonia. His parents were artist-acrobats. The actual act was created and directed by Viktor Sharkov, Dmitry’s father, in 1988.

Between the years 1988-2000, Dmitry and his brother Alexander presented this act in the most famous varieties, circuses, TV productions and shows over the world: CIRCUS KNIE, Switzerland, ROYAL THEATRE CARRÉ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, CIRCUS KRONE Munich, WORLD CHRISTMAS CIRCUS Suttgart, WINTERGARTEN VARIETY Berlin, TIGERPALAST VARIETY Frankfurt, Germanyetc. They were awarded at FESTIVAL MONDIAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN in Paris, France, INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO, INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CIRCUS ART in Moscow, Russia.

In 2001, the two brothers, Dmitry and Alexander chose to go separate ways. After intensive searching Dmitry met the talented 17 year-old Andriy Nikolayenko from Kiev.

Andriy already started to practise acrobatic gymnastics at the age of 6, attending a school with a special programme for elite gymnasts. He was the Junior Champion of the Ukraine in acrobatic gymnastics in 2000. His wish to become an artist has come true.      

At present, the actual act of the SHARKOV BROTHERS is an unmatched artistic achievement in its professional and particular presentation, and is successfully appreciated by audience and specialists in show business.

Previous appearances:

CIRCUS CONELLI Zurich, Switzerland (Dec. 2002-Jan. 2003), TATILYA Istanbul, Turkey (Febr. 2003)


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