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Duo Taekin

Aerial/Leather Straps Acrobatic (RUSSIA)

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The artists Sergey Taëkin and Olga Boudsilovich both descend from middle class families in Russia, they graduated the well-known Russian Circus School in Moscow.

Sergey studied between the years 1975-82. In 1983, he created the actual act together with his wife Elena. In 1984 they had their debut with the new act. After nine years of working together, in 1993, Elena withdrew herself form the act.

 Shortly after, Sergey met Olga, a young student and at that time, a future graduate from the Circus School in Moscow where she was thought acrobatics and ballet between 1990-1994.

The idea of building up Sergey's act together with him appealed to her. After one year of hard training, the act was ready to be presented for an “exam committee”. As a result, in winter 1994, Olga passed her final exam with the act and she received her graduate diploma.

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They were instantly engaged at CIRCUS CONELLI Zurich, Switzerland (December 1994-January 1995). During that engagement, Sergey and Olga receive an invitation to appear at the XVIII FESTIVAL MONDIAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN Paris, France, in January 1995. Having a lot of success and fascinating the audience and the jury, they were awarded the Gold Medal” and the “Prix du President de la Republique”.


TIVOLI COPENHAGEN Denmark (1995), CIRCUS RONCALLI Germany (Summer Seasons 1996, 1997, 1998), WERELD KERSTCIRCUS  Arnhem and CASCADE:circus Utrecht, The Netherlands, CIRCUS KNIE Switzerland (Summer Season 1999) and RONCALLI’s Varieties in Germany (2000-2002), CIRCUS CONELLI Zurich, Switzerland (December 2005).



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