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Probably the most famous amusement park in the world !

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Enjoy the Magic

If you want to experience big city magic at full scale, then go to the centre of Copenhagen. Right in the throbbing heart of the city there is a garden, and when you walk through the gates of the Garden, the adventure begins...

As thought by magic you are spirited away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Suddenly you are strolling among people who enjoy life and companionship. You're in a world where almost anything is possible. Just think about peace - and you find it. Or turn you thoughts to music, excitement, theatre or a party, and you find it... And should you feel like a bite to eat, there's a mouth-watering choice of restaurants to suit every taste and pocket.

Think about excitement - and Abracadabra!...  there is the Switchback... or Valhalla Castle that takes you on a breathtaking adventure back to the wars between the gods and the giants. Think about romance - and there is the famous Ferris Wheel. Think about music - and there is the TIVOLI Concert Hall. Just next to it, there is yet another orchestra to serenade you. If you want to release your excitement, there is an amusement arcade, wheels of fortune, shooting ranges and much more - all close at hand. Just wish - and open your eyes, then Pierrot, Harlequin and Columbine appear and the Frigate lies at anchor there before you. All while you enjoy an ice cream and a stroll through the TIVOLI Gardens. Suddenly it is midnight and fireworks light up the sky, broadcasting the magic of TIVOLI all over the city.

The TIVOLI Gardens are filled with surprises. There are always new attractions, adding to the 155 years of tradition for amazing and entertaining people. This year for example, TIVOLI presents the scintillating attraction Valhalla Castle that takes you on a fantastic journey to the tumultuous war between the gods and giants from Nordic Mythology.

TIVOLI has always been close to the heart of the city, the country and the world - from the era of absolute monarchs right up to the present time. In short, TIVOLI has everything - a magical experience for young and old alike.

tivoli03.JPG (9147 bytes)Season Opening: 11th April 2003

Season End: 21st September, 2003

Open-Times: Su-Thu.  11:00-24:00  Fr-Sa.   11:00-01:00

                            Open-Air Stage "PLAENEN"

  Season-Programs 2003

  International Star-Artist Performances

  11th April-21st September, 2003





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