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Voljanski Troupe

Aerial Fantasy/High-Wire Attraction (RUSSIA)

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voljanski001.JPG (5258 bytes)Underlying the “Prometheus” act is the ancient Greek myth about the demigod who stole fire from Olympus and taught people the use of it.

The creator of this act, well-known artiste Vladimir Voljansky managed to incarnate a profound philosophic sense in a circus show and lend to the ancient myth a new contemporary meaning: from vanquishing the fire to conquering the outer space, a step into unknown worlds and faraway stars. The act is a perfect blend of top-class tricks, performing skills, colourful design and costumes, and music by prominent composer A. Skryabin.

For many centuries the tightrope had enjoyed “freedom”. Its length had varied and it might be fastened at any height. But in the XIX-th century the big top once and for ever set limits to the length and height of the tightrope. Tightrope walkers had nothing to do but invent new and new stunts. Walking distance from one platform to another was too short and act on whole has become somewhat tedious. Voljansky has decided to change the rope as such.

One of the platforms became movable up and down, and this change has revolutionized the ancient art. Then Voljansky set another tightrope diagonally from the upper platform and then one more leading under the dome. The tightrope acquired a new “freedom” and the walker got all the space at his disposal. When the lights fade and wire is out of sight, audience are seeing the man walking in the air. They are looking at the Outer Space, where The Man travels any direction he wants. Wonderful!

 Rio, Rome, London and Paris – all of them applauded the artists …”Prometheus” was at the zenith of success.

“Prometheus” – under direction of Marina Voljanskaya – continues its triumphal tour all over the world. Quite recently this act has won the “Silver Clown” at the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo.


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