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Wendell Huber

Elephant/Dog Comedy Act (SWITZERLAND)

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Wendell Huber is descended from a Swiss middle class family in Schaffhausen. Being educated to a tradesman, one may think that his future was already determined. But already in his early childhood he had a special affection for animals and the circus, and he had a dream, the dream of having and performing his own animal training act.

In 1977 he was engaged at CIRCUS KNIE as an animal keeper. In the winter of 1978, after having had a serious accident with an elephant in DEUTSCHLANDHALLE in Berlin, he was in hospital for several months under medical care. In the meantime, he lost his employment at CIRCUS KNIE. Between 1980-86 he worked as an animal keeper and trainer in amongst others CIRCUS KRONE, CIRCO AMERICANO and LIDO Paris.

wendellhuber002.JPG (8210 bytes)In 1987 he bought 2 African baby-elephants (2 and 3 years old) and an St Bernard (2 months old) and he started to practise an act in a Dutch amusement park. After 2 years of work, in 1988, his act was ready to be engaged, and instantly he was booked by “Holiday on Ice” for a 4-year tour.

In 1992, at the INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF MONTE-CARLO, he was awarded the "Silver Clown" for his original animal training act.

After this successful event he began to perform at different famous circuses in Europe like: CIRCUS KRONE-Bau Munich, Germany, CIRKUS SCOTT Sweden, CIRCUS CARRE and KERSTCIRCUS AHOY' Rotterdam, The Netherlands and TIVOLI COPENHAGEN.

 In 1996, by performing at CIRCUS KNIE, he achieves his highest goal in his artistic career.

wendellhuber003.JPG (7880 bytes)Appearances in 1997-2004:

TIVOLI COPENHAGEN, Denmark (April-August 1997), GRÖNA-LUND TIVOLI Stockholm, Sweden (June 1997), BOLSHOI-THE GREAT MOSCOW STATE CIRCUS Moscow, Russia (Anniversary-Show "850 Years Moscow" Sept.-Dec. 1997), CIRCUS KRONE-BAU Munich, Germany (February 1998), "LA GRANDE FETE LILLOISE DU CIRQUE" Lille, France (Oct.-Nov. 1999), CIRCUS BENNEWEIS Denmark (April-Sept. 2000), KERSTCIRCUS AHOY' Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Dec. 2002), WORLD- CHRISTMASCIRCUS, Stuttgart, Germany (Dec. 2003-Jan. 2004).


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