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Hugo Zamoratte

"The Bottle Man"/Contortionist/Yoga


Hugo Zamoratte - The Bottle Man was born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina and he is the first generation in his family to be an artiste. He may have one of the world’s weirdest workplaces, and he is otherwise known as the “Amazing Man in the Bottle”.

During the years 1954-1963 Hugo practised swimming and gymnastics on competitive level in the Argentinean National Team.

He discovered his talent for dislocating almost every bone in his body by accident. In 1964 Hugo was serving in the National Guard practising the drill, when his arms dislocated. So, he began to practice contortionism and yoga exercises. The idea for the unique routine of squeezing into a bottle came a few years later. He adopted bottles after being inspired by a dream about the Bible’s three wise men. “I saw one of the wise men go into a bottle”. It was 18 months of training and then I went into a bottle”. He has been filling confined space for more than 20 years. Hugo says:” I love my job, I love my bottle. It’s sometimes better to be in the bottle than outside”.

His training almost cost him his life in a hotel room in Santiago de Chile in 1982, when he became stuck in the bottle with the door firmly closed. He was freed after 40 minutes, thanks to a timely visit by a cleaner.  “I was starting to hallucinate and I was worried that my time had come”.  

Hugo made his entrance in the world of show business as a professional artist at the age of 26, in 1973, as he was on a South American tour with the well know CIRCO TIHANY in Argentina.

 In 1974-88 he performed in all the South American countries, Mexico, USA and Canada.

In 1989 he came to Europe/Scandinavia for the first time, touring with one of the most traditional and famous circuses on the European continent, CIRCUS BENNEWEIS in Denmark and continued until 1993 with GRAND CIRCO MUNDIAL in Spain, GERRY COTTLE CIRCUS in Ireland, CIRCUS KRONE and CIRCUS FLIC-FLAC in Germany.

In 1994-97 he was on tour as a guest artiste with the GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS in Australia and New Zeeland and he appeared in several TV Productions in Europe, North-and South America and Australia: ARD, ZDF, RTL, STV, DR, RAI UNO, TF1, BBC, ABC, CBSC, etc.

Hugo Zamoratte is award winner of Silver and Golden Medals at several International Circus Festivals.



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